Builders Waste Clearance across London & Essex

Builders’ waste generation is generally in much higher volumes than residential and commercial waste. Removal of such waste requires use of specialized equipment like skips and hiring a lot of people to load the trucks. If you are a builder, we have a set of questions for you. Do you – 

  • Regularly use skips?

  • Spend a lot of time calling for competitive rates to lift the waste generated?

  • Find it a problem arranging skip permits and dealing with local authorities?

  • Use up a lot of time and manpower loading skips when you could have put it to better use?

Construction and Demolition Waste Collection and Disposal Solutions

Builders Waste Clearance, Recycling

If your answer is yes to any of the above, you need professional assistance and Birmingham waste is there to help you. We offer comprehensive solutions to any form of construction and demolition waste collection and its disposal at designated locations. We are well versed in all statutory regulations in force regarding trash removal and follow them scrupulously. We also liaise with the local authorities for necessary sanctions required for garbage removal.

Apart from the great service we offer, our rates are unbeatable and one of the lowest in the industry. It includes hiring the skip, all labour charges and disposal fees and taxes. Wherever possible, we try our best to recycle and reuse as much of the waste as possible. This is our contribution for a safer and cleaner environment.

Birmingham waste has the necessary equipment, skips and manpower to handle large volumes of builders’ waste. We operate in London area and Essex and help remove garbage and trash from residential and commercial establishments too. We load waste from multiple locations too and manage London site clearances. For more details, call 0121 285 2176 to talk to our friendly customer service people. The will gladly clarify all your doubts.