Daily London Waste Collection Services

Birmingham waste, operating in the London area and Essex, has made daily waste management an easy affair. In spite of strict laws that govern waste disposal, we have strategies in place that make it simple to follow for the common man. Our pre-paid bag service will help you save money. All that you have to do is follow a few trouble-free procedures. The whole process is designed to maximize recycling of your trash and minimize the cost of waste disposal. Let us tell you how this can be done.
We have three products, prices of which are excluding VAT and £10 delivery charge. They are –

  • General waste bags £1.00 EACH
  • Mixed recycling bags (paper, plastic, cardboard and tin) £0.90 EACH
  • Cardboard labels £0.90 EACH

A minimum order of 200 bags and/or 110 cardboard labels has to be placed at a time.
To minimize the waste management costs and maximize recycling efforts, we suggest that you separate all waste into two segments. They are –

  • Dry recyclables in mixed recycling bags which are clear with green logo – white and colored paper, magazines, newspaper, books, cardboard, empty drinks cans, bottles and cartons, plastic and paper cups have to be put here.
  • Residual waste in general waste bags which are blue with white logo – food scraps, crisp bags, sweet wrappers and anything contaminated with food should be kept here.

With distinctly colored bags to help you, segregating waste and putting it in the appropriate bags is not an issue at all. We have observed that if you follow our directions, you can recycle up to 99.01% of your office waste which translates into substantial savings. The different colored bags also help our staff recycle the garbage at source, thus saving money in carrying it to the recycling stations. Our collection timings are between 21.00 hrs and 08.00 hrs and hence do not upset any working routine.

Our waste management charges include –

  • Controlled waste transfer note/duty of care
  • Collection when full
  • All recycling fees

For more details call us at 0121 285 2176. You will see that there is no easier way to tackle waste management than with Birmingham waste.