Garden Rubbish Clearance

Garden Clearance and Recycling WasteAt first sight, a well maintained garden is very pleasing to the eye and extremely beautiful to look at. But little do we realise the hours of back breaking toil that went into bringing it to this state. For those addicted to gardening, it will be a labour of love, but how many of you really do have the time for it. Gardening like trimming of trees and planting flower beds is one aspect, clearing up garden rubbish is a totally different cup of tea. It entails removing garden waste that ranges from green waste to rubble, from an old surrounding wall to even junk from the shed or even removing the shed itself. This is no work for the amateur gardener. We at Birmingham waste have the skill and professional expertise to carry out all these tasks to your complete satisfaction across London and Essex. See how we transform your shabby garden into a much envied one.

When you give us a call to remove garden waste, we come fully prepared for the job. Our smart new clearance vehicles are specially designed and equipped to remove it. Our trained people carry all the necessary equipment with them – brooms, shovels, buckets, rubble bags and dust sheets so as not to inconvenience you in any way or mess up your floors and carpets. They will clear the garden waste thoroughly and effectively. This includes removing green rubbish like branches, bushes, leaves, grass and turf to garden furniture, garden equipment and any other form of waste. Finally, they will tidy up the place before leaving. All the rubbish so collected will be disposed at authorised locations in London, keeping statutory regulations in mind.

By removing and cleaning garden waste, Birmingham waste helps to free up a lot of space for redesigning and landscaping the garden, adding fresh trees and flower beds or even expanding the patio area. Hence we are reputed as comprehensive solution providers in garden waste removal. And our services do not cost the earth. Call us now and see how reasonable the rates are, considering that from cleaning to loading of the rubbish in vehicles, you do not have a thing to do. For a complete no obligation transparent quote without any hidden charges, call us at 0121 285 2176 and feel our proficient customer service at work.

A final word on the services we provide. Birmingham waste specialises in garden waste collection rather than gardening services. We do lend a hand in light gardening duties like cutting down bushes, plants and trees but will charge you separately. We would recommend that you engage a gardener exclusively for it and leave the work we specialise in to us, that is, removal of garden waste.