Confidential Waste Collection and Destruction

Confidential Waste Clearance
Birmingham waste is a leader in the field of waste removal and disposal. Our entire services range from domestic waste removal to commercial waste clearing, from builders’ clearance to specialized trash disposal in case of flood and fire damage.

We follow strict statutory regulations in all our dumping methods and lay great stress on optimum reuse and recycling of waste before taking it to landfills. In all establishments that we service, we have well marked bins and bags so that the waste can be segregated into recyclable and general waste at the source itself.

One of the main compositions of office and commercial waste is paper which is a completely recyclable item. But here too a division has to be made between general and confidential throwaways. The latter might be classified information of a company which might be damaging if it falls in the wrong hands. For such cases, we provide shredding services keeping the security aspect in mind. A separate bin is given where such papers are put by the client. These will be shredded before being sent for recycling. If the customer so desires, we even facilitate onsite shredding for his peace of mind.

Our confidential waste solution can be a part of general clearance or a special collection. Birmingham waste provides certificates for all confidential destruction and secured shredding loads. For more details and rates for our regular confidential collections please call 0121 285 2176. Our friendly customer service staff will only be too glad to help you.