Daily Waste Collection Service Across London & Essex

Birmingham waste is a reputed waste management company operating across London and Essex. We offer a wide range of services from residential, commercial and builder’s waste removal to such specialised aspects as hazardous waste disposal. We put great emphasis on recycling of waste keeping in mind all the statutory regulations in this regard. Our daily and regular business waste collection service has been designed with this in mind and we have made it very simple for the customer to segregate recyclable and general waste with easily recognisable colour coded bags.

This is how it works. We have a pre paid bag system that is designed to maximise recycling of waste generated. All that you have to do is to put it in the relevant bags so that our clearance staff can recycle the trash at source. The two main streams are –

  • Dry recyclables with clear bags and green writing meant exclusively for white and coloured paper, magazines, newspaper, books, cardboard, empty drinks cans, bottles and cartons, plastic and paper cups.
  • Residual waste with blue bags and white writing meant for food scraps, crisp bags, sweet wrappers and anything contaminated with food.

If you can follow this scrupulously, we will help recycle at least 87% of the office waste.
The costs of the bags are as follows excluding VAT and delivery charges. Minimum order should be for 200 bags.

General waste bags £1.00 each
Mixed recycling bags £0.95 each
Cardboard recycling bags £0.85 each
Paper recycling bags £0.85 each
Plastic recycling bags £0.85 each
Textile recycling bags £0.85 each

Prices quoted by us include controlled waste transfer note/duty of care, collection when full, all recycling fees and land fill tax. The collection timings are from 21.00hrs to 08.00 hrs to avoid interference in your daily work schedule and also because you can accumulate the waste generated throughout the day.

For more details, call us on 0121 285 2176.