WEEE Recycling – Electrical Waste Disposal

Not many people know that there are very stringent laws in place regarding the manner in which old electrical goods have to be disposed. WEEE Electrical and electronic equipment can no longer be disposed off with general waste or recyclables. All WEEE items must be recycled by an authorized facility for recovery.

To take the load off your shoulders, Birmingham waste will do this work for you after strictly following all the procedures as laid down by law. We offer simple yet WEEE compliant collection and recycling solutions for all the electrical waste generated by you. Here too a clear distinction has been made between non hazardous electrical equipment and the hazardous ones. Toasters, coffee machines and kettles, IT equipment, CPUs, laptops and mainframes are in the former category while fluorescent tubes, lead batteries and equipment with ODS’s such as air conditioning units, fridges and freezers fall in the latter section.

It is definitely your primary duty as a user of electrical equipment to ensure that you dispose them correctly. For this, call us at 0121 285 2176 to get all the details and how best you can avail our services in this regard. You may be a one-off user or even one who generates regular quantities of such waste. In both cases we will have customized solutions. But one thing is certain. Our services can meet all your WEEE requirements and make recycling easy for you. Contact us for suggestions and advice on all aspects of WEEE disposal and legislation.