Hazardous Waste Removal Specialists London

Birmingham waste is specialist in the field of waste management with special emphasis on removal of hazardous waste. The latter may be said to be any form of waste which if dumped in the open without proper treatment or processing can cause immense harm to the surroundings. This includes lead acid batteries, clinical waste from hospitals and doctors’ chambers, automobile waste oil, electronic goods and a host of other items which are generally not bio-degradable.

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Specialist Clearance Services
There are strict laws in place regarding disposal of this type of waste, and we are especially careful in this regard. You are responsible too for correct segregation of such waste and we provide marked bins to you for use. This will help in correct disposal of hazardous waste keeping the relevant legislations in mind.

We have years of experience in removal of hazardous waste and always offer proper guidance. Whether you have a onetime requirement or are a regular producer of this kind of waste, we will suggest the right solution to you. Our staff are fully trained and have the professional expertise in this form of waste disposal. We ensure that hazardous waste is disposed in a very environment friendly manner and any waste that can be reused or recycled is done so before dumping in designated locations.

Get in touch with us with all your requirements. We assure you that the hazardous waste you generate will be strictly disposed off as per the laws of the land. We can be reached at 0121 285 2176. Our area of operation covers greater London and Essex.