Fire Damage Restoration Specialists

Fire Damage Restoration expertsDamage from a fire can have devastating effects on any establishment whether it is residential or commercial. The extent of destruction generally depends on the type of fire and its scale. But in all circumstances, there is a need for professionally well trained fire damage and restoration specialists to be called in to clear up the mess left behind.

Fire damage clearance for commercial & residential properties

This is where Birmingham waste comes into the picture. We are specialists in fire damage restoration and clearance and have long years of experience behind us. Our teams are fully trained to assess any fire damage and take action quickly and swiftly, even though it is quite a complex job.
But first let us tell you the types of fire damage you can possibly face. They are –

  • Dry Smoke Damage: Result of a fast burning fire at high temperatures.
  • Wet Smoke Damage: Result of low heat fire with smoldering and pungent odors.
  • Protein Damage:¬†Mainly invisible damage that will have extreme pungent odors.
  • Fuel Oil Soot: Furnace puff causing fuel oil soot.
  • Other Types of Fire Damage: Fire extinguisher residue, tear gas, fingerprint powder, and others.

When there is a need for fire restoration services, call us at 0121 285 2176. Our specialised team will visit your place and carefully evaluate the damaged premises. After identifying the type of fire accident they will offer you the best and cleanest solution possible. Not only that, you will also be advised on what can be restored and what has to be fully replaced, including the repairs that have to be carried out. A no obligation quote for repairs and restoration will be given on the spot. And finally let us tell you that our charges are among the lowest in the industry.