Fly Tip Waste Removal

What exactly is fly tipping and why is it detrimental for the health of society? Let us, Birmingham waste, leaders in the field of waste removal, give you a rundown on it.

All waste generated in society has to be disposed off strictly as per statutory laws and in designated locations. This results in controlled waste disposal and is safe for the environment. Fly tipping on the other hand is waste that is dumped without authority in any open space. It might be a field, up an alley, public road or on pavements. Somebody might even throw trash in front of your home. We want to make it very clear at the onset that it is a punishable offence with a fine or even imprisonment. But if the deed is done something has to be done about it.

Before Fly Tip Waste Removal

After Fly Tip Waste Removal

If you find that you have been fly tipped, give us a call. We will respond immediately and deal with the trash swiftly and efficiently. It can be any form of waste but generally are more on the nasty side like sharps, excrement, tires, broken down refrigerators and freezers. What is important is that all of it will be treated by us as per the laws of the land and relevant legislation in force.

Do not worry if one morning you look out of the window and find that you have been fly tipped. Give us a call at 0121 285 2176. Our sales personnel will be over to inspect the matter and give you a quotation to deal with the problem. In no time the garbage will be out of the way.