Specialist Needle and Sharp Disposal Services

Sharps and Needles Clearance ServiceNeedles, syringes and lancets are commonly known and referred to as sharps and form the bulk of what is generally termed as clinical waste. This requires special collection and disposal methods and there are stringent laws in this regard. We at Birmingham waste are well versed in this field and have years of experience behind us. This is a part of our daily routine and we are proficient at it.

There are instances when we come across a void and vacant property full of sharps like drug needles and syringes. Our people are trained and equipped to handle such a scenario. In some cases you might not be sure if there are sharps or clinical waste when cleaning out your place. Do not take a chance with it! It can be lethal in the long run. Just give Birmingham waste a call. We will conduct a full service needle sweep to put your mind at rest. Call our specialist team today on 0121 285 2176 for a full needle sweep quote.

Why do you need to take special care if the presence of needles is suspected at a place? Because –

  • Needles can cause injuries to you or other people because they are sharp and once used also carry body fluids like blood.
  • Used needles may transmit such deadly diseases as Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Hepatitis C or Hepatitis B to you.
  • Needles used to inject illegal drugs may pass on infections as above.

Now that you know how dangerous needles, lancets or syringes can be, you must be curious about the special and extreme precautions taken by us in its disposal. Let us tell you what we do.

  • All used needles and other sharps will be collected and contained in a rigid box with a lid that are known as sharps bins, sharps disposal boxes or sharps containers. These boxes are especially designed for sharps removal.
  • We take particular precaution to ensure that this form of waste is taken care of by staff trained to handle this form of waste.
  • All clinical waste collected by Birmingham waste is sent for incineration and a full DOC is issued on every collection.

At the cost of repetition, we once again emphasize that do not try and touch or hold such waste matter yourself. It can be very damaging for your health. Call us and let the professionals take care of it.