Void and vacant property clearance specialists

Birmingham waste, with years of experience, is an acknowledged leader in waste management across London and Essex. One area in which we excel is clearing out void and vacated properties. Our list of clientele has included houses, offices, warehouses, shops, pubs and restaurants. In fact, this process is rather complicated as the garbage in vacant places is generally mixed up and has to be segregated first into general, reusable, recyclable and hazardous waste before it can be disposed. We have worked for residential and private landlords, shop fitters, builders, facilities management companies, housing associations, managing agents, healthcare establishments and government bodies, each having exclusive type of waste and which we have processed to their complete satisfaction.

Give us a call if you want your residential or commercial property cleared. Our full range of services will be at your disposal.

  • Clearing any size of property or land.
  • We are specialists in squat and vandalism clearances.
  • If you are worried that sharps may be present in the trash, we will carry out a full needle sweep and sharp removal service. You need not be worried about safety aspects in this regard.
  • All bio hazardous waste will be removed from the vacant property as per legislation in force. Bio hazardous waste like drug paraphernalia, needles and syringes will be handled by our fully trained personnel.
  • After clearing the void premises, we carry out a full scale disinfection and fumigation service. This is our health and sanitation service and completes the process that we had set out to do.
  • We will remove and dispose old furniture items from commercial establishments and vacate the premises.
  • We offer fast and efficient property clearance for change of ownership or tenancy.

It is therefore seen that Birmingham waste offers all inclusive comprehensive services for clearing void and vacant properties, whatever may be the waste and garbage that has to be removed. Most importantly, we do it in an environment friendly manner and dump it at designated locations only after due and proper processing of the waste. Special care is taken of any hazardous waste that is cleared.

Call at 0121 285 2176 and tell us your requirement. Our sales representative will reach you immediately and offer a quote that will surely be extremely reasonable and affordable.